Universal Vare Staff

Universal Vare maintains a full roster of professional and dedicated staff members committed to delivering quality instruction to our scholars everyday.

Staff Member Email Address Subject Grade
Mr. Kleinschuster nkleinschuster@universalcompanies.org Music 5-8
Ms. Imbody Jimbody@universalcompanies.org ELA 6
Mr. Foster Kfoster@universalcompanies.org Science 6
Mr. Dunphy Hdunphy@universalcompanies.org Social Studies 6
Mr. Rogan Brogan@universalcompanies.org Social Studies 7
Mr. Lamb MLamb@universalcompanies.org Math 7
Ms. Iovacchini Aiovacchini@universalcompanies.org Science 7
Mr. Yerkes myerkes@universalcompanies.org English 7
Ms. Alff ialff@universalcompanies.org Art 5-8
Mr. Richardson jrichardson@universalcompanies STEM 5-8
Ms. Nakaishi knakaishi@universalcompanies.org Science 8
Mr. Arroyo parroyo@universalcompanies.org Gym 5-8
Mr. Marsden rmarsden@universalcompanies.org Social Studies 8
Ms. Henry zhenry@universalcompanies.org Math 5
Ms. Marchese mmarchese@universalcompanies.org ESOL 5-6
Ms. Crowell acrowell@universalcompanies.org Special Education 7
Ms. King aking@universalcompanies.org Social Studies 5
Ms. Dodson adodson@universalcompanies.o Emotional Support 5-8
Ms. Thompson bthompson@universalcompanies.org Special Education 6