Enrollment Waitlist Procedure

When a parent/guardian attempts to register a student a Universal Charter School and is unable to enroll because the school is at its maximum enrollment or there are school-implemented grade and space limitations, the Charter School will provide the parent/guardian with:

1. Documentation of his/her attempted registration
2. The date of placement on the waiting list, and
3. Number on the waiting list.

If the student is referred to the School District for placement, a copy of this documentation must accompany the student and be provided to the School District.

The Universal Charter School will fill opening seats throughout the school year. When a seat becomes available at the Charter School for any grade served by the school, the Charter School will accept new students from the waiting list in appropriate order for particular grades or new applicants if there are no applicants for that grade on the waiting list.
An ordered, up-to-date waitlist will be continuously maintained, reflecting at any given time the next eligible student to be offered admission in each grade served by the Charter School, identifying any applicable preference(s) for each student, and indicating the date any student is removed from the waitlist with the reason for removal.

Posted: May 30th, 2017